Wanna Rent Space?

Please call (410) 679-1777

Vendors may set up 3 weekends a year without a license however to set up more frequently you must be licensed. Contact our office for help with the licensing process, its quick easy and low cost.

Please note that tables must be reserved at least one week in advance.


  • Saving money. By selling the things you no longer need, you can recover some of the original cost.
  • Developing a good habit. Selling your unwanted things in a flea market can help you cultivate a good habit of making full use of your belongings. Thus you will think twice before buying a new product next time.
  • Help our economy by supporting small business  in Maryland. You can learn to communicate with others and promote your products effectively. Improve your salesmanship!
  • Be environmentally friendly. A Flea market is a smart place for you to recycle your unwanted merchandise. The things you don’t need anymore can turn into cash in your wallet!